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For the seafood lovers and other gourmands! Check out our Retail Store and Fish Bar in San Diego where you can find wide selection of fish, king crab, shrimps and everything that you can imagine. Only at our San Diego store you can enjoy grilled seafood dishes along with the ability to buy fresh fish for your home. We have everyday specials 

Crapes and vegetables                                                                     $4.99

Блинчики с овощами

Lace thin golden crapes made from scratch stuffed with ripe sautéed in garlic sauce tomatoes, eggplants, onions, mushrooms and cheeses. This is a great dish for vegetarians. It goes great with a glass of white wine or frozen vodka.


Crapes and chicken                                                                         $5.99

Блинчики с говядиной

Lace thin golden crapes made from scratch stuffed with delicious ground beef. Served with sour cream. Best tasted with red wine or frozen vodka.         


Crapes and cottage cheese                                                               $5.99

Блинчики с творогом

Lace thin golden crapes served with the Russian traditional cheese called Tvorog, which is similar to cottage cheese in texture and taste. Tvorog is used for many dessert dishes similar to cheesecake and is customarily one of the most nutritious and wise choices for dieters.

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